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Itoshi no Irene

(Come On Irene)

Keisuke Yoshida, 2018


Epicmedia’s coproduction with Japanese company Star Sands and Japanese producer Shozo Ichiyama brings Keisuke Yoshida’s Come On Irene! Based on the best selling manga, the feature film stars Ken Yasuda and Filipinos Nats Sitoy & Dionne Monsanto.

42-year old loser Iwao Shishido screws up his one shot at love and leaves home to go to the Philippines. He uses the 3 million yen he saved up over the years to join a tour and find a bride. After meeting with 30 local women one after another, he goes into a panic and finally picks one randomly. The girl he picks is a Filipino named Irene, who was born in a poor fishing village. Two weeks after Iwao’s sudden departure, he comes back to find his father Genzo dead, and his family in the middle of the funeral. The young Irene is revealed to a crowd of murmuring mourners. When Tsuru hears that her only son, who’s gone his entire life without ever being in love, has married a girl she’s never met, she becomes infuriated. She grabs the family’s hunting rifle and points its gleaming barrel at Irene…!

Film Festivals

Busan International Film Festival 2018

Producing Partners

Star Sands (Japan)